Strategic Governance® - Initial Training Session Module

A good and a healthy governance for your board ... a winning strategy !


formation-gouvernance-strategique-detailFor Directors and Officers

For Directors and Officers, the Strategic Governance® model created by Roméo Malenfant, Ph.D., is based on interactive training, which includes the 5 principles, 18 practices and the 8 roles of an efficient Board of Directors.

Throughout the years, this initial module is successful due to the dynamic expertise of the Consultants, in addition to the valued feedback from the participants of various not-for-profit organizations. 

All participants leave these interactive sessions having acquired the necessary tools for effective decision making. In addition, the Board of Directors takes away practical information that provides a better understanding of the concept of governance within their organizations. 

The goals and objectives
  • Allows the Board of Directors to build capacity
  • Provide the Directors and Officers with a specifically designed model for not-for-profit organizations
  • Allows Directors and Officers to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the organization's governance
  • Provide the Directors and Officers with enhanced knowledge of their moral, legal, planning, control and risk management obligations
  • To familiarize themselves with the primary roles of the Board of Directors, it's best practices, guiding principles in governance and the operation of the organization. This will result in creating an effective Board of Directors
Standard Timeline for this Training Module
  • 3 hrs (half day or evening) for the full version training session
  • 5 hrs to 6 hrs (day) for the in-depth version and additionnal work

It is possible to modify the time of the Training Module as it specifically relates to the needs of the organization.

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